Research Interests

My main research interests are in stochastic modeling, communications, information theory and applied mathematics. A large portion of my past work has been on probabilistic analysis of communication networks, especially analysis of scheduling and routing algorithms. In the past I have also done some work with applications in immunology and coding of stochastic processes. My current research interests are on game theoretic and economic modeling of socio-technological systems and networks, and the analysis of associated stochastic processes. 

Current Work

While papers get added to this site at a slow rate, my Google Scholar page is most representative of all work including current work.

  1. Cascades in networks: Analyze the threshold model for locally tree-like modular networks.
    M. Moharrami, V. Subramanian, M. Liu and M. Lelarge, Impact of community structure on cascades, full version of paper accepted to EC 2016.
  2. Spectrum sharing: Analyze the design of revenue-sharing schemes that incentivize service providers to share spectrum and infrastructure resources while serving more consumers.
    R. Berry, M. Honig, T. Nguyen, V. Subramanian, H. Zhou and R. Vohra, On the nature of revenue-sharing contracts to incentivize spectrum-sharing, accepted to INFOCOM 2013.
    R. Berry, M. Honig, T. Nguyen, V. Subramanian, H. Zhou and R. Vohra, Newsvendor model of capacity sharing, in Proc. of W-PIN 2012 (1st Workshop on Pricing and Incentives in Networks), June, 2012, in conjunction with ACM SIGMETRICS/Performance 2012 (London, UK).
  3. Diffusion in two-sided markets: Diffusion of innovations in two-sided markets where two types of players, say manufacturers and users, have to choose between two platforms and where network effects between the two sides are modeled. Initial work on this considers dense connectivity between the two sides and determined the contagion curve.
    K.-H. Hui, V. Subramanian, D. Guo and R. Berry, Diffusion of innovation in two-sided markets, in Proc. of Allerton Conference, 2012.
  4. Inference in network games: Diffusion over networks and also dynamic games over networks, problems such as identification of innovators and early adopters in the population.
    R. Berry and V. Subramanian, Spotting trendsetters: Inference in network games, in Proc. of Allerton Conference, 2012.
  5. Local bargaining in networks: Understanding the stability and efficiency of local bargaining over networks with search friction and multiple trade routes.
    R. Berry , T. Nguyen and V. Subramanian, The role of search friction in networked markets stationarity, Interdisciplinary Workshop on Information and Decision in Social Networks, LIDS, MIT, Nov. 2012.
    T. Nguyen, V. Subramanian and R. Berry, Searching and bargaining with middlemen, submitted.